Catalyst 101, a Community Learning Series

Catalyst 101, a Community Learning Series

Join us in this beginner's session on Catalyst, Zoho's serverless platform.  Catalyst 101 aims to familiarise you with this platform and empower you to build your own serverless solutions.

About Catalyst 101:
This three-part webinar series aims to help aspiring serverless developers learn the concepts, tools, and techniques required to build fully functional applications for businesses and enterprises using Catalyst.

Why Catalyst?
Catalyst by Zoho is a highly scalable serverless platform that lets developers build and deploy world-class solutions without managing servers.  Even better, you pay nothing till you deploy the project to productions.

Target Audience
  • Developers / aspiring developers
  • Entrepreneurs / aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Students

1st December 2021: Fundamentals of Catalyst
  • What is a Serverless platform?
  • Why Serverless?
  • What is Catalyst?
  • Structure of Catalyst
  • Basic setup - Console Walkthrough / CLI Setup
  • Q and A
5th January 2022: Components of the Catalyst
  • An overview on Catalyst
  • Serverless computation: Build and deploy apps on the go
  • Orchestration: Design and execute workflows
  • Storage: Manage data of your serverless applications
  • Use Case Discussion
  • Q and A
2nd February 2022: AIs, APIs and more
  • An overview on Catalyst
  • AutoML
  • Intelligence
  • Other services: API Gateway, Authentication, Web Client Hosting, etc
  • Use Case Discussion
  • Q and A
Note : Keep an eye on our Bootcamps which concurrently happen on the 4th Thursday of every month.  In these Bootcamps, we take specific use-cases and craft solutions for them, together.

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