How to signup, log out, create and delete session in Catalyst authentication

How to signup, log out, create and delete session in Catalyst authentication

Hello catalyst team, 
                                    I just learning catalyst authentication (node js) via catalyst docs and i have some queries regarding it.

1. When i create new authentication (Hosted authentication) and make some configurations.It is ready to use it via three urls (signup,login,reset password) and make relevent operations. what if i want to signup using express routes and signup details as query params without using catalyst auth ui for authentication.How to make it?

2. In same scenerio as above, what if whenever user signup using catalyst authentication , i need to store their details including org_id, zuid,role_details into seperate table in datastore instead of leaving it to catalyst backend logic to store details and retrive it using userManagement .How to make it?

3. whenever user signup or signin , I need to create session for them to perform operations in my app without data crossover among the users in app.Is there any way to perform it using catalyst ?

4. when user wants to signout or log out ,where is function or methods to sign out using catalyst then how to end the users session . How to make it ?

please look into my queries and let me know ways to make it . If there is already solution available in catalyst docs mention endpoint urls to let me know. 

Thanks in advance.
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